Aviation Museum in Kbely expanded their collection by L-39ZA

The permanent collection of the Aviation Museum located in “Old Aerovka” in Letňany was expanded on 4 December 2019 by one Aero L-39ZA MSN 2421 jet plane. After 36 years of operation, the aircraft was discarded from the Czech Air Force inventory, followed by a decision to relocate the plane to Prague Letňany. GLOMEX Military Supplies took care of the transport for a symbolic price. The plane was disassembled in Čáslav airport, the parts were then put inside transport crates and taken by truck to the final destination for their re-assembly the very next day.

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State-of-the-art portfolio this year again at MSPO Kielce

Glomex MS team introduced the state-of-the-art portfolio this year again at MSPO Kielce. Main focus was centred to newly acquired by US SOCOM Ops-Core AMP headset system with unique performance features, integrated to FAST SF lightest ballistic helmet; new personal parachute system from Airborne Systems company and absolutely brand new in our portfolio, producer of high quality tactical dry suits, Waterproof company.

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IDET 2019's exposure emphasized our ability to integrate

At the international trade fair of defense and security technology - IDET this year, we introduced groups of products our company offers, delivers and provides, along with comprehensive services, tailored to the requirements of individual customers. Numerous visitors were impressed by the newly introduced Unmanned Aerial Systems, Warmate and FlyEye, and parachute systems. Other visitors were interested, for instance, in the integration of the airborne system MEDEVAC, as well as in the AN / PVS-21 night vision goggles with accessories. This year, many distinguished guests from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior and the Military Office of the President of the Czech Republic visited our stand. In the exhibition hall, among others, the Czech Army exhibited the self-propelled lifting system PRM-40 Ambulift which enables transportation, embarkation to and disembarkation from an aircraft, of people with reduced mobility or injured persons, including assisting personnel. K-l ...

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